7 and 8 Seater Car Rental

Exploring in and around Macedon with your friends and family is very easy now with 7 seater car hire services in Melbourne. We have Current and Late model cars which will be delivered at your doorstep. We provide a free upgrade to unlimited kilometres in Victoria if the car is rented for five days or more. Also, there is a free pick up and delivery available for cars that are rented for more than seven days.

Model: Hyundai IMax
Transmission: Automatic
Engine Size 2400CC
Max People: 8 Adults
Luggage: 3 large suitcase, 2 small suitcases
ancap 5 Stars

Experience An Affordable 8 Seater Car Hire Service in Melbourne

Ready for an adventurous road trip? Forget breaking the group of friends into two vehicles, you can keep your team together and the party together with our 8 seater car rental services in Melbourne. Sounds like a wonderful chance to sing popular road trip anthems.

There is also no special licence needed! It’s easy to drive our 8 seater vehicles; they’re sort of like a cooler footie-mom car. Not only do you get eight seats, but there’s plenty of space for two big bags and two small ones, too. It’s great for kits, outfits, and snacks.

How 7 Seater Car Hire Services in Melbourne is Beneficial?

Family reunions, weekends for the boys, outings for work team building, sports competitions, trips for hens, festivals, babymoons, divorce parties. Or just because! Do you really need an excuse to pull together a group of eight to take a road trip of epic proportions? We hadn’t thought so. More shared snacks, more playlist recommendations, more eye spying from the back.

It’s also a comfortable and stable journey. We are talking about anti-lock braking, power steering, central locks, and airbags for drivers and passengers of 8 seater car rental service in Melbourne. Time to enjoy driving past some of the most beautiful landscapes in Australia. Yeah, and we allow one-way rentals, great for the long roads between major cities if you’re eager to do a drive/fly ride.

Our Australian fleet has only 8 limited seats, particularly in the summer.
Especially if your event dates are set, it is wise to book ahead.

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