Car Hire and Rental in Kyneton

The beauty of Kyneton lies in its location which is very secluded from the most urban regions of Australia. It has pleasant and fresh air, amazingly clear skies which attracts many astronomers and botanical gardens that gives a serene touch to this place. For tourists, it is a great for a weekend away.

That being said, we at Macedon Ranges Car Rentals know that servicing the locals of Kyneton to live in such a secluded and beautiful place takes that extra bit of service. This is why, we devised an easyonline booking system where you can fill in the time, date and place and have your rental car dropped to your door. Apart from this, we also give attractive discounts to the ones who make longer bookings in advance. To know more about car hire in Kyneton, you can give a call to our supportive team, who will help you with all the queries related to insurance and booking of your rental car.

We offer cars ranging from small, medium, mid-size, family and 7 to 8 seater rental cars. You can choose a car to suit your needs and budgets and have it delivered and picked up from your door.

Macedon Ranges Car Rental makes renting a car across the Macedon Ranges simple.

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