Car Hire and Car Rental in Sunbury

Sunbury is located almost 40kms from Melbourne’s central business district and 18kms from Melbourne International Airport. As a major Melbourne suburb and a part of Greater Melbourne, although it is well connected to Melbourne through both Bendigo and V/Line service, train frequency at Sunbury Railway Station is not that frequent particularly on weekends, when service levels can be as infrequent as once every 80 minutes.

At Macedon Ranges Car Rental, a leading car rental and hire service operating across the Macedon Ranges, we provide offer car hire and rental services in Sunbury and surrounding suburbs, delivered to your door.

Do you have a flight to catch in the evening or have an important business meeting in Melbourne’s CBD? If you stay in Sunbury, you should hire or rent a car with us. To hire or rent a car, simply call us and confirm your booking and we’ll drop off and pick up the rental car to your door.

Are you landing in Melbourne but too tired to catch a Metro or a bus? Stop worrying. Simply book an rental car with us before you board. By the time you arrive, your rental or hired car would be ready for you. Alternatively, you can always walk into our Keilor Park depot for on-the-spot booking. Keilor Park is only a 5 minutes’ drive from the airport.

Take advantage of our best-in-class car rental and hire services.Macedon Ranges Car Rental–‘Genuine Victorian Car Rental Operator’, not a website-booking agent posing as a car rental operator.

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