Car rental rates constantly take big leaps. It is a common thing to realise that the car rental from the same company might cost $400 one weekend and just drop down to $50 the next time. The biggest car rental hikes are on the cars rented from airport locations. The rate variations are common in car rental industry and getting a good deal may take some doing.

Now, travelling overseas, heading for a quick weekend getaway or a cross-country odyssey is a great idea. After booking the flights and the accommodation, the next thing we look for is a cheap car rental. If you don’t have a vehicle to drive the distance, searching for online cheap rentals requires few tips and strategies.

Here, Macedon Ranges Car Rental shares top ways to get the better end of the bargain and save money on rental cars.

1.) Skip the Airport : The biggest hikes in car rental prices are on the vehicles rented from airport locations. The hikes can mostly be credited to airport surcharges, which include customer facility charge and concession recovery fee. You can save money by renting the car from the same company, but picking it up away from the airport.

2.) Use Online Research to Your Favour : Above all, the best way to save money would be to visit the individual car rental company’s website to get the best fare quotes. Please consider that the online quotes are often lower than the rates received by making the reservation by phone.

3.) Use Discounts to Your Best Advantage : There is a range of discounts that rental agencies offer. Moreover, use the credit cards, membership organisations and frequent flier clubs to avail discounts on car rentals. It is important to understand that even a 10% discount or a small rebate off a weekly rental will provide a great relief to the rising rental car costs.

4.) Let go the Extra Services, whenever possible: Car rental agents use extra services such as roadside assistance, insurance, GPS navigation and satellite radio to make more money. You can save a lot of money by resisting the temptations to use all the extra when renting a car.

5.) Avoid Booking Prepaid Rental : By booking prepaid rental, one can lose the opportunity to save money if the prices drop. Upon making your car rental, use to track car rental prices and keep a track of competitor car rental company’s rates.

If you are thinking of getting the easy way out, book your cheap car rental from Macedon Ranges Car Rental. We offer instant quote and booking.


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