Do you have roadside assistance?

All our cars come with roadside assistance at no charge to you. We are members of the RACV and our new cars have roadside assistance provided by the manufacturers. Details are outlined in your rental agreement.

How far can I travel in one of your rental cars?

The amount of travel included per day can vary depending on the vehicle and excess reduction package you choose. Our standard rentals for cars include 200kms per day and this is increased when you take an excess reduction package or you can purchase unlimited kms in Victoria for a small additional daily rate. We do offer interstate travel rates as well and all charges are outlined in step 3 of the booking portal.

How do I pay for any toll roads I use?

The Toll roads in Melbourne are well signed and usually have the word E Tag on them. Macedon Ranges Car Rental has an E Tag in all of its rental cars and all toll fees are automatically charged to your credit card by Roads and Maritime Services in NSW. Full information about this service is included in your confirmation email and in your rental agreement.

How does Rental Car Insurance Work?

All our rental cars are insured and have an excess that is payable if you have an accident or damage a vehicle. Our rental rates for current model cars include insurance with our standard excess which is $3300 for accidents involving another vehicle (MVA - multi vehicle accident) plus an additional $3300 for accidents where no other vehicle is involved (SVA - single vehicle accident). The standard excess for late model cars and commercial vehicles is $2750 MVA plus $2750 SVA . Surcharges apply to rental rates for under 25 year old drivers and P Platers. We offer excess reduction packages which vary depending on your age and our excess packages are discounted when you book a car for more than 14 days. Please go to step 3 in our booking portal to get an exact quote.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

It is our policy to charge a cancellation fee if you cancel a booking. You can defer your booking for up to 3 months if you have a change of schedule within 7 days from the collection date. (This does not apply during Peak Seasons of Xmas & Easter). Greater than 7 days – no charge, Within 7 days - $50 charge, Within 4 days $100 charge, Within 48 hours – Bond forfeited – full rental fees apply. If booked for pick up during Peak Season Dec 01 - Jan 31, Grand Prix Weekend, Moto GP weekend, Public Holidays & Easter, no refunds will be given for cancellations.

What credit cards do you accept and what are your payment terms?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit Visa or Debit Mastercard. We charge a bond to your credit card on booking. Bonds are taken on booking to guarantee the availability of your chosen vehicle and are refunded at the end of the rental. All rental fees are paid at commencement of hire and are subject to final audit at end of rental. If picking up from our airport depot, rental fees are taken 24-48hours in advance.

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